This is perfect for architectural plans, architectural drawings and posters.
Scanned from 150dpi to 600dpi to Jpeg PDF or TIFF, colour or B&W. Whether it’s letters, photographs, posters or other historical artefacts, we understand the value and sentimentality of all documents, and will ensure they are handled with care, so that they last forever.

Storing hard copies of documents and archival material will deteriorate gradually over time so scanning these documents in will allow them to be kept on computers and saved on a cloud just like a digital photo.

We provide a flexible document scanning service delivering on fast turnaround deadlines and highly confidential documents. we provide services to match all your scanning requirements from single files to large volume archiving. As well as scanning various types of documents and media, our document scanning solutions range from basic conversion of hard copy originals to digital files through to fully searchable PDF Documents, or even an American Flag sent over to us from Colorado to be scanned in for a book cover.

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